Armenian and Turkish governments are currently in the process of normalizing their diplomatic relations. Some Armenians both in Armenia and Diaspora(s) are blaming the Armenian government for negotiating without Turkey’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Medz Yeghern, and the territorial demands. The times are very volatile. We are still at war with Azerbaijan and there… Continue reading ARMENIANS and TURKS Part 4


Armenian Language Program at ARS Private School.

ARS Armenian Private School of Toronto just concluded its fifteenth-year Telethon with great success. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it such a great success. Also thanks to the board of directors, the principals, the teachers, the staff, and many, many, volunteers who help make the school one of the best cost-effective private… Continue reading Armenian Language Program at ARS Private School.

“Fourth Republic”?

“After the nationwide shock caused by the war and the obligatory transition phase, we must undertake the construction of a new state, conventionally called the “Fourth Republic” in this article”. I fully agree with the above quote that was taken from a lengthy article written by the president of Armenia Armen Sarkissian while he was recuperating from Covid 19… Continue reading “Fourth Republic”?

Does Pashinyan Have Legitimacy to Govern?

Since the humiliating “44-day war” ended, demonstrations started in Armenia demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. The demonstrations were initiated by the so-called Homeland Salvation Movement. The movement is a loosely formed association of 16! political parties of which only one, the Prosperous Armenia Party, (“owned” by oligarch Gagig Zarukyan)… Continue reading Does Pashinyan Have Legitimacy to Govern?

“Բռնեք Ինձ, Եթէ Կարող Եք” Catch Me If You Can. Part 3.

Here is what Pashinyan says about war and peace in a conversation with the … Serb ultra-nationalist smuggler and gun dealer Marco. Pages 20 and 21 Գիտե՞ս ինչ Մարկո, ես քեզ հասկանում եմ, լաւ եմ հասկանում, շատ լաւ հսասկանում եմ նաեւ իմ այն հարենակիցներին, որոնց կարգախոսը համընկնում է սերբականի հետ. Մահ կամ ազատություն: Հավատա, որ… Continue reading “Բռնեք Ինձ, Եթէ Կարող Եք” Catch Me If You Can. Part 3.