A brief review of the past Monologues

It has been a year since I started this Monologues. First my thanks goes to my ten year old grand daughter Hoqi Jan Հոգի ճան  Teni Թենի Mouchian, who about two years ago asked me to write down many of the stories that I was telling her about my childhood in Kessab Syria where I… Continue reading A brief review of the past Monologues


Melkonian Educational Institution

From November 16 to 20, I attended a few movies at the eleventh Pomegranate (POM) Film Festival in Toronto. The four-day program included 38 films from 14 countries. One of the movies I attended was titled “Temple of lights” Տաճառ Լուսոյ. It was 68 minute documentary on Melkonian Educational Institution (Melkonian) Մելգոնեան Կրթական Հաստատութիւն (Մելգոնեան)… Continue reading Melkonian Educational Institution

Party Convention or Coronation?

Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) had its sixteenth Party convention on November 26. It was attended by about 1800 delegates and 200 invited guests. Among the invitees were representatives of about 10 minor political Party(s) that have no representation in the National Assembly (Parliament), but there were no representatives of the Party(s) represented in the… Continue reading Party Convention or Coronation?