Hovanes Kachaznoony

ANI Research Center in Yerevan has just published a booklet titled Դաշնակցութիւնը Անելիք Չունի Այլեւս. (Loosely translated “ARF has nothing to do anymore”), by Hovanes Kachaznoony. Originally the booklet was published in July 1923 and is a report prepared for ARF Conference in Vienna in April 1923.. ANI also published four other booklets by prominent… Continue reading Hovanes Kachaznoony

“Silence and Hypocrisy – Killer of hope”

The title of this monologue is the heading of a statement by the Armenian Bar Association dated 4 August 2016 that I received via email. The statement is also signed by few other American/Armenian organizations and prominent Armenian lawyers, academics, artists, writers, etc. It is  “An urgent call for our Diaspora to demand democracy and… Continue reading “Silence and Hypocrisy – Killer of hope”

Occupation of a Police Station in Armenia.

On July 17 a group of armed Armenians calling themselves Սասնայ Ծռեր (loosely translated as “Dardevels of Sasoon”) occupied a Police Station in  Yerevan. They took hostages and demanded the resignation of the president of Armenia, and the release of some of the political prisoners. Few leaders of the group were well-known opposition political activists… Continue reading Occupation of a Police Station in Armenia.