Here we go again or “Deja vu”.

Levon Zurabyan the head of the Armenian National Congress (ANC) Parliamentary faction is again appealing for the opposition to unite and form a “common platform” for the amendments to the electoral code that has to be approved by the Parliament by June. He is quoted to have said, “First of all a general mood against… Continue reading Here we go again or “Deja vu”.


“Armenians in 2115. A Seminar Report”

As the title of this blog indicates, on January 26, the report of a Seminar hosted by The Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation held between October 13-14 2014, was launched through a webcast that included some of the panelists from the participants of the seminar, and selected audience members from the American… Continue reading “Armenians in 2115. A Seminar Report”

Closing the best “School” we never had

While in my previous blog I was talking about teaching the Armenian Language through Armenian schools and its importance for the preservation of the Armenian identity, I remembered an event that happened about thirty-eight years ago and I thought it was worthy to write about as a memoir. Յուշագրութիւն. It must have been late Spring… Continue reading Closing the best “School” we never had