Diaspora and Armenian Identity (Part 3)

Teaching the Armenian language to our young generation has been mainly through the Armenian schools, that includes, the all day schools “Ամէնօրեա վարժարան”, Saturday Schools, Sunday Schools, etc. So far we have failed to utilize the internet that could be wide ranging, and reach much larger audiences. But for that later. Needless to say that all day schools are very… Continue reading Diaspora and Armenian Identity (Part 3)


So far I talked only about reclaiming the confiscated personal and institutional properties and wealth. Here comes the very difficult question, what about our territorial claims, “Հողային պահանջատիրութիւն”. In general, our territorial claims are understood to be the territory within the boundaries of the Sevre Treaty of August 10. 1920. So far all three administrations… Continue reading ARMENIANS and TURKS (Part 3)