Does Pashinyan Have Legitimacy to Govern?

Since the humiliating “44 day war” ended, demonstrations started in Armenia demanding the resignation of the Prime Minster of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. The demonstrations were initiated by so called Homeland Salvation Movement. The movement is a loosely formed association of 16! political parties of which only one, the Prosperous Armenia Party, (“owned” by oligarch Gagig… Continue reading Does Pashinyan Have Legitimacy to Govern?

We are Responsible.

Levon Ter  Petrosyan, the first president of Armenia, in an article dated Dec. 6. 2020 (See Lousapatz Dec. 12 #1157) quotes the following from Vazken Manugyan’s very irresponsible speech at the Dec. 5  protest rally in Yerevan. Here is in part what Vazken Manugyan said. «Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը մի բան էլ պէտք է հասկանայ, որ այս… Continue reading We are Responsible.