Worthy Honorees. Պատիւ Արժանաւորաց.

First time I met Jack Mouradian was at a Saturday afternoon in the winter of 1965. It was at a meeting in Hamilton Ontario, between representatives of ARF Executive Committees (Gomidai) of Southern Ontario. Vazken Terzian had asked Kourken Magarian one of the Toronto representative to bring me along. (At the time I was visiting Toronto… Continue reading Worthy Honorees. Պատիւ Արժանաւորաց.

ՄԱՐՏ ՄԵԿ (March First 2008)

Eight years ago on March the first (ՄԱՐՏ ՄԵԿ) 8 innocent civilians and 2 security personnel were killed in Yerevan, by security forces (Army/police/special force?) during a public demonstration by the supporters of then the “defeated” presidential candidate Levon Ter Petrossian for the alleged rigged vote in favor of the current president Serj Sarksyan. (His… Continue reading ՄԱՐՏ ՄԵԿ (March First 2008)