Preserving the Armrnian Identity in Diaspora(s)

This week I was called to a focus group meeting at the Armenian Community Center in Toronto, for the improvement of the Armenian Language curriculum at the ARS School. It was a follow-up to the general meeting we had on March 5. (For that first seminar see my monologue dated March 10 and titled “A… Continue reading Preserving the Armrnian Identity in Diaspora(s)


Յուշագրութիւն (Memoir)”Ներգաղթը”. “The immigration”

A friend of mine sent me an email that was a documentary about the migration of Armenians from the diaspora to Soviet Armenia in the late nineteen forties. The migration is known as Ներգաղթ. “Nairqaght” (The immigration). For my birthplace, Kessab, a village in Syria, the Nairqaght was like a large-scale out-migration that I witnessed… Continue reading Յուշագրութիւն (Memoir)”Ներգաղթը”. “The immigration”