Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany.

The German parliament (Bundestag) by almost a unanimous vote passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide. It is significant to mention that, Germany is not only one of the largest trading partners and investors in Turkey, but also has the largest Turkish Diaspora as well. The resolution acknowledges some German responsibility as an ally with… Continue reading Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany.

“Պետական մտածողութիւն” (State mentality)

The title of this monologue is taken from a video clip depicting the speech of an orator “Դասախօս” during the celebration of the Armenian independence day in Toronto. He stated among other things that, we have become “rusty”, Դարերու ժանգ կապած ենք, and continues to say, the time has come to rise above the partisan… Continue reading “Պետական մտածողութիւն” (State mentality)