Laws for Prevention of Domestic Violence in Armenia.

On Dec 13 the Armenian parliament passed a law for “prevention of domestic violence, protection of the victims of domestic violence, and restoring solidarity with the family”. (The vote was 75 for, 12 against, and 8 abstentions). It seems the domestic violence specially violence against women, is a very serious issue in Armenia. Here is a… Continue reading Laws for Prevention of Domestic Violence in Armenia.

Hrant Dink’s Legacy Lives On

Few days ago, on November 23 2017, Hrant Dink Foundation received the Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention. The Fondation Chirac was launched by former French President Jacques Chirac, after having served two terms in office between 1995 and 2007. Since 2008, this foundation strives for peace through five advocacy programmes: The Chirac Foundation also presented its Culture for Peace Prize… Continue reading Hrant Dink’s Legacy Lives On

Teacher Training Program for Armenian Schools.

Past few years Gulbenkian Foundation’s Armenian Communities Department has embarked on a major effort to help establish a much needed and long overdue teacher training program for Armenian Schools in Diaspora(s). They have convened and participated in few conferences in Yerevan, Istanbul and Paris, about the preservation of the Western Armenian Language. Last summer between… Continue reading Teacher Training Program for Armenian Schools.

“Empowerment of Girls and Women in Armenia”.

The title of this Monologue belongs to the American University of Armenia (AUA) that has organized and hosted a two day conference from April 21-22 on “Empowerment of Girls and Women in Armenia”. According to the communique there were about 50 speakers from Armenia and Diaspora(s) that included  Students, Faculty, Civic Society Members, Community Leaders,… Continue reading “Empowerment of Girls and Women in Armenia”.