Nikol Pashinyan and Municipal Elections in Yerevan.

Friday, Aug. 17, I watched the rally that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called on the occasion of the 100th day of his becoming the Prime Minister of Armenia. The Republican Square and the adjacent streets were packed “wall to wall” which proves that he has not lost his popularity with the PEOPLE with whose support… Continue reading Nikol Pashinyan and Municipal Elections in Yerevan.

“Լոզունգներից Դէպի Ռէալ Իրականութիւն”. “From Slogans to Reality”.

The title of this Monologue is taken from a speech delivered by Narek Galstyan at the 130th-anniversary celebration of  Սոցեալ Դեմոկրատ Հնչակեան Կուսակցութիւն (ՍԴՀԿ) Social Democrat Hnchagyan Party  (SDHP) in Yerevan. (All translations and transliterations are mine). Narek Galstyan is a member of the Central executive of SDHP and was the keynote speaker at the 130th-anniversary celebration… Continue reading “Լոզունգներից Դէպի Ռէալ Իրականութիւն”. “From Slogans to Reality”.

Here we go again or “Deja vu”

Posted on January. 25. 2018 YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian community of France is planning to once again introduce the issue of criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide into the agenda in 2018, Harut Martirosyan, Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of France told ARMENPRESS. “We are actively working with lawyers. We will definitely find a solution to once again bring the issue to… Continue reading Here we go again or “Deja vu”

Opposition Parties in Armenia

After over twenty-five years of independence, the opposition Political Parties (Parties) hardly exist in Armenia. A quick google search shows more than two dozen “Political Parties” with many “fancy” names that include, Christian-Democrats, Social Democrats Free Democrats, etc. They are more like “private clubs” and none is well organized to hold the government accountable. At… Continue reading Opposition Parties in Armenia

Laws for Prevention of Domestic Violence in Armenia.

On Dec 13 the Armenian parliament passed a law for “prevention of domestic violence, protection of the victims of domestic violence, and restoring solidarity with the family”. (The vote was 75 for, 12 against, and 8 abstentions). It seems that domestic violence especially violence against women is a very serious issue in Armenia. Here is a… Continue reading Laws for Prevention of Domestic Violence in Armenia.

Hrant Dink’s Legacy Lives On

A few days ago, on November 23, 2017, Hrant Dink Foundation received the Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention. The Foundation Chirac was launched by former French President Jacques Chirac, after having served two terms in office between 1995 and 2007. Since 2008, this foundation strives for peace through five advocacy programs: The Chirac Foundation also presented its Culture for… Continue reading Hrant Dink’s Legacy Lives On